The Aerospace industry has probably the most demanding machining requirements of many of the industries that MecSoft services. Typical parts are composed on complex ribs and multi sided shapes that need advanced machining strategies for manufacturing them. Our Premium configuration, that provides all of our machining strategies, is a product tailored to meet these demanding applications.

  • Advanced 3 Axis Machining
  • Indexed Machining
  • 4 & 5 Axis Continuous Machining
  • Robotic Machining

MecSoft in Aerospace: Recent Case Studies

Murchison Made Guitars, LLC

RhinoCAM at AirMotive Specialties One of the most exciting things we get to do here at MecSoft is giving voice to many of the hard-working men and women who use our software on a daily basis while fulfilling their life’s passion through manufacturing. Dave Teeters, president, and operator of AirMotive Specialties, Inc. (Salinas, CA) has been building airplanes since the age of 10. This is his story.

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