The parts needed to be manufactured in the automotive industry are characterized by a bewildering array of part types. These range from simple prismatic parts to complex sculpted shapes typically found in automotive dies used for manufacturing outer body shapes as well as multi-sided parts for internal moving parts. Our Professional configuration is ideally suited for the demanding requirements of this industry.

  • Advanced 3 Axis Machining
  • Indexed Machining
  • 4 Axis Continuous Machining

MecSoft in Automotive: Recent Case Studies

Dubes Custom Street Machines

VisualMILL at Work with Dubes Custom Street Machines! September 1996, Hudson New Hampshire, Keith Dubes with the help of his wife and friends, opens a small engine repair shop, catering to local customers fixing mowers, trimmers and other landscaping equipment. Keith was also rebuilding cars for himself and his family to drive – simply because I couldn’t afford to buy new ones! One thing quickly led to another and from the images shown here, we can see that Keith’s American Dream has come certainly true!

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