Jewelry parts typically are small, intricate and artistic.  A mixture of organic and prismatic shapes these parts offer special challenges to a CAM system.  Our CAM products, with a wide selection of cut methods and strategies, are able to handle these challenges with ease.

    • Ease of Use, since the product will be used by jewelers and not machinists
    • Powerful 3 Axis sculpted surface machining
    • 4 Axis wrap machining for simple rings and bracelets
  • 4 Axis continuous machining for rings and bracelets
  • 4 Axis indexing coupled with advanced 3 axis machining allows machining of complex multi-sided parts

 MecSoft in Jewelry: Recent Case Studies

The French Connection
Cetehor is a French government advisory agency that acts as a technical center to assist the French Clockwork, Jewelry, Precious Stone and Metalworking industries. For over 60 years Cetehor has played a key role in helping large establishments as well as small craftsmen in the development of new products.

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Industry Overview

Professional jewelry designers use CAD/CAM software to turn concepts and ideas into realistic renderings. These designers are well educated, have the ability to craft designs and share them with customers, can prepare cast-ready prototypes and identify elements of CAD design that influence manufacturing. These expert designers leverage their creativity and savvy to develop the beautiful jewelry items sold in stores worldwide.

Interesting Industry Facts

  • lists the average income of a jewelry designer in the United States as $43,822, with the 90th percentile earning in excess of $80,000/year
  • 83% of jewelry designers are women
  • The top skills affecting jewelry designers are CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Adobe Photoshop
  • The jewelry industry fluctuates very closely with the state of the economy

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