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I started out using Dolphin® CAD from Dolphin® USA but soon ran into support issues. Every time I had a problem, I ended up in a conference call with a technician overseas that I had difficulty understanding.

Then in 2008, I learned how to use Rhino® and VisualMILL® and purchased my first CNC machine in 2009. I downloaded the VisualMILL® and I was hooked! That free demo was the best thing that ever happened for me because that’s when I learned how to use your software! It’s that easy to learn! Plus your technical support is awesome!

Keith Dubes
Dubes Custom Street Machines

RhinoCAM is perfect for us because it allows interested students to go much further into the software than what is simply required by the class. There are so many different ways to create toolpaths that it keeps it interesting for me as well. When students come to me with unique challenges I’m always learning something new – I love it!

Bill Clinton
MSU School of Architecture

Rhino is really great for doing early design studies because it can crank through many iterations quickly, much faster than with Rivet. Also, for many designs, we are using Rhino all the way through the entire process to generate construction documents.

I’ve done a lot of teaching at the University of Washington and RhinoCAM was the tool we were using there in addition to Mastercam. It is so much easier to teach someone how to use RhinoCAM. It meets all of the needs that we have. We can quickly get the modeling work done within Rhino and go straight to generating toolpaths. Also, I’ve found that the interface and workflow are just easy and intuitive, removing the complexity of creating toolpaths.

Scott Crawford
LMN Architects

Your customer service and tech support are fantastic and on the ball! After a short while, I found the interface to be user-friendly, familiar and very easy – I must admit!

Steve Gold
Owner and Proprietor / MonsterGy6 Customs

What’s been really cool is the CNC aspect of crafting my guitars. After learning Rhinoceros CAD in school, a friend of mine insisted that I had to take a look at RhinoCAM! He said I could create toolpaths and post GCode directly to my CNC machine from Rhino and that it was easy to use. He was right!

Tanner Murchison
Murchison Made Guitars, LLC

I’m also trained in MasterCAM® but I’m not a fan. It didn’t flow right for me and it seemed very old school. I really prefer the ease of setting up and getting stuff going in RhinoCAM. I think it hands down has a better interface and is way easier to use.

Mike Centola
Allstar Tactical

For us, it was very important to get a good milling result with relatively little effort. With VisualMILL and the integrated Mach3 post processor, we have been able to start directly. The implementation time was very short. After a few test runs, we milled our first guitar body.

Clemens Wagner
Die Klangwerkstatt

I am an unabashed fan of MecSoft. I tell everybody about you guys. I wanted for many years to get into that technology (CADCAM) and MecSoft was one of the key factors to help me make that leap.

Stuart Spector
Spector Bass Guitars

We’re pushing the production limits with these materials. Our cutter specialist recommends that we only cut 2x the diameter of our 8mm cutters so we shouldn’t be cutting any more than 16mm.

However, with VisualMILL and our specialized production techniques, we’re efficiently cutting 24mm of material per run. For the Coral 600, we can get up to 22 light sets out of the one run on the CNC machine.

Ken Marshall
CNC Production Specialist / David Trubridge Design

Our experience working with Mecsoft Corporation has been much better and more pleasant. The program just works! I generate the code and take it to the machine and it works, every time with no hassles!

Steve Gold
Owner and Proprietor / MonsterGy6 Customs
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