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As I look back at my work, it’s hard to believe how much I use Mecsoft. I don’t know what I would do without it!

Mark Sherwin
MAS Automation Systems

The nice thing is, that the software doesn’t get in the way and makes it very easy to pull something like this off in a short amount of time. It’s very simple to take and model all of these parts in Rhino Grasshopper and then push them into RhinoCAM as soon as we’re ready.

Scott Crawford
LMN Architects

I have been in the CNC world for over 6 years now and working with MecSoft has been by far the most enjoyable experience. The product is fantastic. It’s a very capable and complex system that is extraordinarily easy to use, even for a novice CAM user. I manage a team of 3 engineers and we all use RhinoCAM on a daily basis. None of us had previous CAM experience and we picked it up right away. What happens when we get stuck? Tech support solves our issue within a matter of hours or minutes. They are always a simple phone call or email away. Not only do they easily solve our problems, but they often recommend better alternative methods to achieve the same results. Thank you MecSoft for providing a great CAM platform with the best tech support in the business.

Dave Zarcone
Engineering Manager / Sealed Air Corporation

RhinoCAM is working great. I’m already cutting aluminum parts. I’m glad I jumped to 4th axis because I’m starting that effort this week.

Charlie Raymond, MI, USA

I want to take a minute and tell you how grateful I am for such great customer service. I have used your company’s software for several years now and have watched as the capabilities and features have grown into a very cost effective solution for CAM. I look forward to a bright future for your company and mine.

Francis Jack, GA, USA

Another job well done. Everything is up to date THANKS!!!!!!. I am amazed at how fast Mecsoft answers questions and solves problems. What a pleasure it is working with EVERYONE there. I also want to say that MecSoft support did another great job with the webinar that was held today. I am looking forward to using VisualCAD/CAM 2015. Thanks again.

Stephen, USA

I love RhinoCAM and am very happy with this product. I am feeding my family with your software…and then some! I am a one man shop and I paid off my house three years ago via my shop income.The ONLY cam software I use is Mecsoft. I do aerospace work and industrial prototyping and some production work. As you know, I had VisualMill stand alone and RhinoCAM Pro which is your VisualMill running inside Rhinoceros CAD software. I did this because I felt that the learning curve of VisualMill was very simple and the Rhino software was a bit more learning curve. I no longer use the stand alone software and only use the RhinoCam. The VisualMILL and Rhinoceros are two very powerful tools that work seamlessly together. The expense of having both versions of the cam software was very reasonable for the learning time it afforded me. I don’t feel I am a quick learner so this worked well for me. I also did a one day class at your facility which really helped lay the foundation for utilizing your CAM software. I was making parts within three days of the one day class. Before purchasing MecSoft CAM software 11 years ago I had used SurfCam, MasterCam, and GibbsCam at various employers shops. MecSoft software is much less expensive than the CAM tools I had previously used and even if it wasn’t I think I would prefer it over the others for it’s ease of use. You have a fine product and it is a core tool of my business.

Ted Hauser, MT, USA

A comment on our AMS training webinar …
“Just a note to say thanks. Please keep doing them. I learn something every time.”

John Hartley, WI, USA

In an educational setting, we are constantly cutting and milling one off’s while demonstrating how information is passed to CNC machinery for rapid prototyping. RhinoCAM’s seamless interaction within Rhino 5 has easily allowed students to visualize dry runs of their milling file and understand machine parameters, which in a design faculty dramatically improves an iterative design process. We really appreciate the flexibility and ease of workflow that RhinoCAM offers. Thanks MecSoft!!

Jason Hare
Univ. of Manitoba, Canada

Dear Mecsoft Team, In my personal and professional life I use many different software packages, from CAD design, all the way through to programming interfaces. The CAM area is a hobby for me, and I have no formal training in using these CAM programs the transition to 5 axis programming has been rough! Having to rely on whatever information I can find on forums, YouTube and FaceBook groups to learn many of the obscure packages I own, has taught me one thing.. the difference between a “good” program and a “bad” program goes way beyond its coding… it’s in its support, and first level training, videos, reading materials.. while MecSoft has all of these, it’s the support that really needs to be applauded! The ability to provide fundamental usage, and error correction advice quickly and succinctly, for a product like RhinoCAM 2014 is a critical factor, as it’s a complex beast to get your head around as a non machinist, and you might be hopelessly lost, if not for the patient and sage advice delivered by the MecSoft team. Thank you all!

Chris Botha, Sydney, NSW
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