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Thank you so much for your patience in working with me for the past two days. Your professionalism was evident. I know I may have been a bit slow, but you taught me exactly what I needed to get started on the mastery of CAD and CAM. As a teacher myself, I know it requires a special ability to work with an “unknown” like myself. You did your assigned task with total excellence!
Please tell everyone at MecSoft they are appreciated! (ESPECIALLY Angie, the unsung heroin!)

Daniel Parker, CO, USA

I cannot say enough good things about MecSoft and RhinoCam ( Visual Mill ). The software has been a joy to use since day one and has resulted in a 400% increase in productivity at our guitar factory. I found it easy to understand and when I did run into a problem I was able to email the file to tech support and very quickly get the information that I needed. This is a family owned and run company that has produced truly world class software with excellent versatility and capacity.

Stuart Spector, NY, USA

I just wanted to say I didn’t see you guys at IMTS this week, But I am still so glad I chose MecSoft when looking for a CAM system. I can’t believe people spend 15-40k dollars for systems that are harder to use and have less performance. I love the system and have nothing but great things to say about it.

Sean Miksys, MI, USA

Yes I did. Plus I enjoyed viewing the replay of the webinars on YouTube. By doing this I could watch at my own pace and go back if I did not understand something. Once again great job!

Stephen DiPalermo, NY, USA

Thx Mr MecSoft, 😉 Already have been enjoying your product! Y’all have a great product, well thought out & well executed, Nice! Thx for your help in our design/machining efforts… I look fwd to a long happy relationship!!!

George Crawley, NV, USA

Thank you for the webinar today.It was very informative. I’m a learn as you go type of guy and there were several things I did not realize this software would do. I did not realize the software and post worked together to back calculate speeds and feeds that are beyond my mills capabilities. I never used the “load from file” option because the spindle speeds were always beyond the 5500 RPM max my spindle runs at. And the “user defined” cutters was something I wasn’t sure how to accomplish. Thank you again and I look forward to the next webinar.

Mark McKellar

I found the webinar helpful. Opportunities to see an experienced user explore the details of a design and build program is never time wasted. I am looking forward to the next session.

Sean Knighton

Hi Mecsoft, Thanks for doing yesterday’s Mill & Turn webinar – really very helpful. Please keep them coming. As I’m in the process of transitioning from manual machining to CNC, occasionally the presentation went over my head. I personally would love to see a run-down of the basics of setting up Rhino, Visual-Turn & Mill for Rhino, and a typical post processor (like Mach 3), with some tips on getting everything running smoothly, addressing some common problems. Thanks again!

Chris Norman

I attended the tool library webinar 5-28-14. Nicely done and I picked up some useful info. How about a quick look at how knowledge bases work? I am sure that there are some tips there that I would find useful.

Bill Amaya

Great response time – Top notch customer service from Mecsoft. Thanks again.

Joe Mehl a.k.a. Joe the Computer Guy, PA, USA
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