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Rhino 5 and Rhinocam 2014 integrate so seamlessly that you would never guess that two separate software engineering teams worked on the respective systems. One of my favorite features is the “regenerate function” that automatically updates toolpaths when a change is made to the original design, then there is the added bonus of intuitive user interface thanks makes this software package shine above all others.

Michael Rahban, CA, USA

The Associate Dean for Technology Transfer and associated with the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington said in an interview:
“We use a variety of software from BobCad, to MecSoft’s RhinoCAM, to MasterCam and your RhinoCAM is by far the most popular simply because it is linked with Rhinoceros. Students find it very easy, and more natural, and more powerful to go from the program they use for design, which would be Rhinoceros, straight into machining operations. We use RhinoCAM on our CNC mill, our CNC plasma cutter, and our CNC routers.We work in all kinds of materials, plastics, wood products, foam, and some metal.

Professor Kimo Griggs, Washington

I wanted to send a note to MecSoft to highlight the outstanding support that I have received to my questions/issues on Visualmill for Geomagic.  The team there has been excellent to work with. They have answered my novice level questions (which might seem trivial) in a very professional and cordial manner without making me feel like a dummy.  I greatly appreciate the support your company provides and it was a primary factor in spending more money on the turn module. Please thank the team there for me!!

Bob Houin, USA

I wanted to thank your company for outstanding software and, even more importantly, fantastic support. Although we have great deal of 2-1/2D CAM experience, we needed to move quickly into the more complex world of full 3D machining to fulfill a key customer deadline.  I was able to learn the software very quickly and was machining complex parts the very same day.  With the pressure on, Mecsoft support was right there with me. I feel like I completely learned the software in 3 or 4 days! I made some great products very quickly and I have MecSoft to thank!

Marc Shlaes

Just a quick note; your presenter and his presentation of RhinoCam delivered during wednesday’s webinar went a long way in giving me confidence in my choice of purchasing your software.

Marv Pallischeck
The Wendell Castle Studio, USA

The capabilities, support and cost of this software package has played a major role in our small business showing greater growth in the last 8-10 months than we have experienced in the last 5 years. Thanks MecSoft!

Chris Milligan
CRM Fabrication, GA, USA

I’d like to take this opportunity to say what a great plug-in RhinoCAM is. It’s a massive leap forwards for our business.

Jason Winder
Dovetailors Ltd, United Kingdom

Thank you very much for the information.  Your explanation of the difference between Voxel and Polygonal modeling made me glad I purchased the 4 Axis version of the S/W.  I like to be precise and see exactly what the program is doing.  It helps me visualize the end results.

Carl Hill
Ginacr Enterprises, WA, United States

You did it!!! This has fixed the problem! Thank you so very much for your patience. I know I am probably notorious with your group, but please know that you are very much appreciated. I was starting basically from scratch with Alibre CAM. Between the on-line tutorials and the support your team has given, we can now successfully implement the new program. Thanks again for your support of the success of our company!

April L. Fort
Versa Tech, MO, United States

Thanks for the excellent demo! I really appreciate your help and clarity on milling out undercuts. I also wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the help you have given me and our company over the years. I don’t know another tech support or training person at any other company that knows their product better then you.

Thomas Buck
Product Development Inc, TN, USA
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