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VisualMill [VisualCAM] gives me the capabilities that more expensive programs only promise. I can easily change parameters to drive ‘what-if’ scenarios and quickly move from idea to invoice. MecSoft is my secret weapon.

Ron Graczyk
Engineer, Owner / 3SPLabs Company, Austin, TX

RhinoCam 2 is very very very stable. Compared to other tools it’s one of the most reliable tools in my workshop right now…

Rainer M. Schmidt
Complex Consulting LLC

RhinoCAM : On the demo it took me less than 5 minutes to build both roughing and finishing operations on a solid ( which worked beautifully in the simulation). I was never able to generate the equivalent using Bob-Cad cam ( the competitor product ) despite having spent hours at it on the same model.

Alan Andrea
A.T. Andrea Metal Fabrication & Engineering, NJ, USA

.. based on what I saw in the user community and knowing that VisualMILL has an excellent reputation, I recommend you see for yourself by registering for and downloading the RhinoCAM demo from the links in today’s Pick of the Week write-up. If you’re not ready for that, there are also a bunch of links to demos, case studies, testimonials, and so forth. RhinoCAM seems like a hot one. The price is right. So check it out.

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, when selecting RhinoCAM as DE’s Pick of the Week / Desktop Engineering Magazine

Your software is great and fun to use, but your technical support is invaluable. Every time I have called for help, you have answered my questions 100%. Your knowledge of the software is unbelievable and its very comforting to know your there for support.

Mark McKim
McKim Design & Fabrication, TX, USA

I have very much been enjoying the use of my standalone version of Visual Mill Pro. I had a tough time choosing a CAM software, but have been completely satisfied with my choice to go with MecSoft. I really like having the users forum and I feel MecSoft really listens to their customers.

Greg Pettit

After a few different cad/cam programs yours is by far the most intuitive and versatile. Sometimes I will fire the program up just to draw something because it is fun! I only mention this because I have complained about a few simple things and want excellence to be recognized. Thanks for your wonderful tech support and software.

Yuri Reiter

By the way, MecSoft is the best software vendor I have ever dealt with. Thanks.

Bill Laupan
Laupan Technical Services, Freezing Cold Madison, WI, USA

I did a lot of looking at CAM software before I purchased VisualMill. I wanted advanced features without a steep learning curve and a reliable package at a price I could afford. I am so glad I decided on your product. The learning curve was not steep and it didn’t take but a few sessions working with it and I had reliable and accurate tool paths. The price was a fraction of the other packages – so – what more could a small shop ask for? Support maybe – well – you people are tops in that area as well. Thanks for the great work. We are going to try to make all of your hard work – work for us as well.

Roger Partipilo
C&R Enterprises, USA

I’ve worked in the software industry for over 15 years and have never seen any commercial software manufacturer. let alone one that targets industrial applications, take a specific customer problem, come up with a solution and integrate it into their product in less than 3 days – on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks for your support.

J. Rouque, USA
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