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VisualMill 3-D machining software filled a great need at the time of our purchase in May of 2003. Never before having done any 3-D milling, WE NEEDED SOFTWARE. After reviewing a few of the larger software companies, we looked at Mecsoft’s VisualMill, and since then have never looked back. The ease of use and implementation of VisualMill and the machining it’s capable of, has far exceeded our expectations, especially considering the cost savings of the software compared to the “big” software companies. Thanks Mecsoft!!

Andy Gecowets
Product Mgr. / Advanced Machine & Tool

I really do love this software!! I have watched it earn its keep a thousand fold. To be honest I never in my wildest dreams thought I would own a cam software for $4000 that has the power that Visualmill has. When we talk cam software we talk 10 to 40 thousand dollars to have functionality. If you would have told me about VisualMill two years ago I would have told you to take a short walk off a long bridge. Having discovered the software on my own, trying the demo, buying, put to steel, seeing is amazing. Visualmill is really in a class of its own right now. Nobody can touch what they offer. The price to performance is just on the other side of the galaxy. I really don’t know how they do it. Just wait for the re-machine stuff to happen, forget about it!! Hands down Mecsoft Visualmill!!

Greg Maryon

I’ve been using VisualMill for about 3 months now so am still new to all of its capabilities. The software is great especially for 3D toolpaths but the really great thing is the support. I’ve got myself into a few situations that MecSoft technical support was absolutely brilliant getting me through and didn’t make me feel pressured or incompetent. Without this kind of support I’d be lost.
Thanks MecSoft and thanks Kalyan Mavuleti!!!

Tom Fantaccione

After only a few minutes into the first VisualMill demo, we recognized and were inspired by the fact that VisualMill would change the way we work thereby eliminating most of our programming problems. In fact, our old problems would be replaced with an entirely new and larger set of challenges. VisualMill will enable us to do jobs we would otherwise have to subcontract. On the first day, the team was generating good CNC code or “toolpaths”, and on the second day the team was machining actual parts.

Dan Satula
Ensign Bickford Company , CT, USA

Are you sure there is not a zero missing at the end of the price for this product?

Juyenichi Ueno
CDI Corporation, Japan

VisualMill offers even the novice user to create toolpaths in a very short time, and with use difficult jobs become much easier. With an extensive array of machining operations to choose from, 3D machining in VisualMill is relatively quite simple yet extremely powerful. It is laid out with intelligence in mind, not bogging down the user with useless items on the screen. Great job at MecSoft.

Fidel Esquivel
Velocity Molds, CA, USA

I’m still often surprised when CADCAM dealers call to try to sell me their wares, and they say they haven’t heard of Rhino or VisualMill! Is it because their relatively lower prices make people not take them seriously? VisualMill lets you machine the complex shapes you design in Rhino accurately and completely. If you just need approximate shapes, the much cheaper stl programs are good, but if you need to follow curves (and straight lines), and make your cutter go efficiently the way you want it to in
specific areas, you need a program like VisualMill. Very easy to learn, quite reliable, great support. Lots of machining strategies available.

Dave Nugent

… my congratulations for the Excellent Interface. Its really intuitive and easy to use. Another important feature is the simulation of material remove.

Luis Almeida, Portugal

We have been using VisualMill since a few years now and I can say that it’s way of integrating with Rhino is just perfect. There is an impressive amount of cutting strategies and the ability of importing curves from Rhino so to machine a limited area will save you twice the time: once because you will only machine a specific area, twice because you don’t need to generate again the area boundary manually. I also like how small details have been taken care of. As an example you can interact (rotate) the model in VisualMill just like you would do in Rhino with the right mouse botton…or pan it in the same way.
It’s a productive tool and we are happy with it.

Gioielleria Massoni, Roma, Italy

Something else I forgot …to tell you again what a wonderful program Visual Mill is. I can’t imagine doing what I am without it. The other programs I have used don’t even come close to the versatility, speed and functions.

Michael Heiden
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