Utility Products

MecSoft partners with the following companies to provide access to utilities that can be used in conjunction with MecSoft’s CAD/CAM products.

Spectrum CNC Technologies‘s Multi-DNC is a powerful CNC Machine tool communications and file management system allowing simultaneous uploads and downloads to multiple CNC controls as well as dripfeed capabilities. Multi-DNC includes a fast g-code Editor, Backplotter, File Compare, Mid-Program Restart, Sub routine support, Remote calls and much more. XDNC Version 3.0 adds Job Base SE for shop floor document management and paperless manufacturing. Some of MecSoft’s products provide one button integration of Multi- complete print to part generation.

Spectrum CNC Technologies Logo

Northwood Designs Inc‘s MCU is a powerful one-of-a-kind suite of tools that work directly with your G-code. MCU provides dynamic and fully graphical, editing, backplotting, verification, analysis and much more. Seamless “one button” integration and the inclusion of MCU Light with some of MecSoft’s CAM products insures smooth start to finish toolpath creation and manipulation.

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