VisualNEST 2017


VisualNEST 2017

VisualNEST, a separately priced module, is MecSoft’s cost effective solution for optimally arranging and fitting geometric shapes onto sheets of stock material. It provides two primary nesting capabilities: Rectangular Nesting and True Shape Nesting. For both solutions, individual 2D CAD shapes can be arranged on sheets according to user-defined quantities, spacing, and with orientation control, including material grain restrictions.

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Learn More

Use the following resources to get started with VisualNEST:

Watch a feature presentation overview of VisualNEST Feature Presentation
Learn about the new features in VisualNEST 2017 What’s New Document
Tutorial the explains how to use rectangular nesting video
Tutorial the explains how to use arbitrary shape nesting video
VisualCAD/CAM 2017 – NEST Quick Start Guide Document PDF

Feature List

Product Architecture VisualNEST
64 Bit Version
User Interface Enhancements VisualNEST
Wizard Interface
Preview before output
Nesting Methods VisualNEST
Rectangular (sometimes referred to as ‘block’ nesting)
True Shape
Global Parameters VisualNEST
Distance limits between part and sheet
Distance limits between two adjacent parts
Accuracy of nesting
Sheet Parameters VisualNEST
Sheet start corner
Nesting direction
Grain direction
Unlimited number of sheets
Sheet layering by color
Part Parameters VisualNEST
Distance limits between part and part
Rotation limits
Island recognition
Output Parameters VisualNEST
Estimation of # of sheets needed for nest
Overflow Utilization
Tagging of Nests